Friday, November 6, 2009

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Are you going from Rome to Naples?


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Pubblished on 13-Ott-2009

Info Hostels photo 742 © hi-land

Its great to start your travels through Italy in Rome and work your way around. For most of us, the international flights coming into Italy are usually cheaper if you land in Rome in any case.

Now there's a great way for you to experience and enjoy the south of italy!

From Rome to Naples Hi-Land tours offer a cheap, funny and cool tour by Bus! Cheaper than train.....
The Isole On Line have a great deal for low budget travellers
The tour with the Bus including:
- free pass to all museums of Naples and surroundings for three days.
- free local transportation by bus, metro,train for three days in Naples.

Take a look at our fares they are really good deal..

what are you waiting for...?????
From Rome to Naples eur 49.00 per person
From Rome to Naples and Pompei eur 59.00 per person

From there, why not hop on a ferry and come and experience the Italian island life! Ring Hostel is open 365 days of the year!

Depatures for the buses are as follows:

Departure November:

Departure Dicember:

Choose your best option!
To Book the Tour follow the:Link

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Naiomi Campbell in Ischia

Naiomi Campbell and russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin are in Ischia at the moment holidaying in the beautiful Lacco Ameno just around the corner from us.

Catch a glimpse of them getting bronzed up under the med sun on their private yacht.

Just visit our website to book your accomodation and join in on the action this summer in Ischia.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Giuseppe and Lorenzo's Famous one-liners...

"Oh my God'a"

"Don't 'a worry........... we figure it out"

"... Ball breakers"

Bogle to Lorenzo: " Hey Lorenzo, whats that stadium thing?"
.... no reply
Next day: Bogle to Lorenzo: " Hey Lorenzo, do you know what that stadium thing is over there?"
.... no reply
Next day: Bogle to Lorenzo (a little more impatient now): " Lorenzo, yo, hey, whats that stadium thing down there?"
.... Lorenzo: "Ahh, its a stadium."

Giuseppe's dictionary:
'We'll be back soon-ish' :- 'we are not coming back'
Bobby-pin hair clip :- 'a fork for your hair'

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Festa di Sant'Anna 22-26 July 2009

The Festa di Sant’Anna is held on July 26th each year in the borough of Ischia.
On that occasion, there is a sea parade of figurative boats from the island’s various boroughs and also from Procida, under the Castello Aragonese. The parade ends with a prize-giving ceremony and fireworks.

Closing fireworks display
Place: Castello Aragonese
Date: Domenica 26 July 2009
Time: 12am

See link for the festival programme

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ever wondered why Italy produces some of the world's best formula1/motoGP drivers....

It's an experience in itself - picture this:

Tiny cobble stone streets wide enough to fit scooters and only the smallest of cars, framed by tall 18th century building-walls , so narrow in fact that any pedestrian getting caught around the corner almost "spider's" themself against the curb or dashes for the nearest frontdoor archway.

Now imagine a Piaggio Porter MPV minivan "artistically" maneouvring its way through the streets navigated by a young italian guy (Lorenzo ofcourse), whose skills for driving these streets started from the age of 14.....

These tight corners are no match for this van when it's packed with guests all wanting in on a piece of the action.

If you haven't yet had your chance in Lorenzo's taxi, you don't know what you're missing - it's a tourist attraction exclusive to Ischia!

(For those of you fortunate enough to have had your place in the Ring Hostel green mamba, please feel free to leave your comments, post your photos and videos, and do come back for more of the action)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Famous stars to look out for in Ischia this Summer...

The likes of Sting, 50Cent, Andrea Bocelli, Matt Dillon, Zucchero will all be in and around Ischia this summer for the Ischia Film and Ischia Global Music festivals.

See the facebook page for full details of the line-up


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Picture Map Guide to Finding Ring Hostel

We have put together a basic photographic guide to help you more easily find your way to the hostel:

Forio bus stop next to the Forio Port.

Get off here and walk straight ahead toward the italian flag.

When you see the Cathedral of the church, you are going in the right direction.

Continue along the sidewalk

Cross the main street at the zebra crossing

And continue up the street (which is reserved for pedestrians)

Pass through the piazza with La Strambata on your left

Cross the fourway intersection and continue straight up past the shoe shop

You will see plenty of scooters parked on your right

Continue until you pass a balloon shop on your left

Straight ahead, at the T-junction, take a left (you will see the Ring Hostel sign on the wall)

This is Via Gaetano are on the right road, now just follow it until you see:


Monday, July 6, 2009

Traditional Italian Cooking Classes...Ischiatana style

Fresh bean and tomato bruschetta, melanzane parmigane, fresh pasta making: including ravioli and gnocchi; from creamy bacon to spicy tomato learn the secrets of great sauces to accompany any pasta dish; delicious pizza making from the perfect dough to the final wood fired pizza; learn how to make Braciola (a delicious rolled and seasoned veal cut) and Ischian Coniglio (seasoned fresh rabbit). Then on the final days learn a simple but delicious Tiramisu and liqueurs.

Immerse yourself in the local culture visiting the food markets and selecting the freshest herbs and spices from the families garden.

Classes are limited to six people and are designed for those with a passion for cooking great fresh foods.

Our Cooking Program runs March 25-31, April 8-14, May 6-11. If these dates don’t suit, register your interest and we will try and accommodate your requirements.

Day 1
Arrive at Hotel, welcome drinks and dinner from 8:30pm

Day 2
Breakfast from 8am
9:00am-1:00pm Cooking Class
1:00pm-2:30pm Family Lunch
8:30pm Dinner

Day 3
Breakfast from 8am
9:00am-11:00am Visit to seafood/vegetable market
11:00am-1:00pm Cooking Class
1:00pm-2:30pm Family Lunch
3:00pm-6:00pm Island tour
8:30pm Dinner

Day 4
Breakfast from 8am
9:00am-12:30pm Cooking Class
12:30pm-1:30pm Family Lunch
2:00-7:00pm Afternoon relaxing at Negombo Thermal Spa
8:30pm Dinner

Day 5
Breakfast from 8am
9:00am-1:00pm Cooking Class
1:00pm-2:30pm Family lunch
6:00pm-8:30pm Wine tasting and appreciation
8:30pm Dinner

Day 6
7:30am-9:30am Visit to Pasticceria
9:30am Breakfast, guest departure

Price includes accommodation in the family's hotel (or hostel in the case of dormitory accomodation), all meals, all cooking classes, entry to Negombo Thermal Spas, Island Tour, and Wine Appreciation night. Prices are per person.

Single room: Euro 525
Double room (twin or double): Euro 490
Dormitory: Euro 400

About Forio

Forio, the second major town of Ischia, is situated on the west coast of the island. It stretches between two promontories: Punta Caruso, which lies to the north of Forio, is laced with private villas; and Punta Imperatore (where the lighthouse is perched) which lies to the south, protecting the beautiful bay of beached Citara and Cava dell'isola - considered the most beautiful beaches on the island. The Tyrrhenian sea canvas melts into the metallic green of the vineyards which cover the slopes of Mount Epomeo, creating a scene that is truly magical.

Forio covers 13 square kilometres and has a population of 12,638. It ranges from 0 km above sea level to 700 in the Falanga areas.It is the only town which has preserved its entire historical centre with its tiny streets, churches, sighting towers and monuments - all of which are unaltered from their original construction. The main monuments are: the church of Soccorso (pictured on one of the Italian stamps) dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve; the Torrione (big tower); the church of San Francesco da Paola, the church of Arciconfraternita’ of Santa Maria delle Grazie known as Visitapoveri, the Basilica Pontificia S. Maria di Loreto, the church of San Vito, the parish church of S Leonardo Abate, S Maria al Monte. You should visit the exotic garden of villa Gancia, the garden of Lady Walton; the troglodyte house dug into a mass of tufa and the spa gardens Poseidon and Negombo.

The shoreline of Forio not only hosts the most beautiful beaches on the island, but a secluded cove is home to the hot springs for which the island is famous. The Bay of Sorgeto near Panza, which, due to its natural hot water wells, is the favourite place in any season for a midnight dip on a calm evening.

50Cent Coming to Ischia

As of July 5th 2009, Ischia welcomes some of the worlds most well-known international film and music stars to its shores for the Ischia Film Festival (5 - 11 July) as well as the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival (from the 12th - 19th of July).

The likes of 50Cent, Matt Dillon, Sting, Andrea Bocelli and many more can be spotted in and around the island during the festival.

Majority of the festivities will be taking place in the piazza with Castello Aragonese setting the backdrop.

A full programme line-up can be found for the Ischia Film Festival, click here.

For more on what to expect for the Ischia Global Music and Film Festival, such as when and where performances will occur, click here.