Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Picture Map Guide to Finding Ring Hostel

We have put together a basic photographic guide to help you more easily find your way to the hostel:

Forio bus stop next to the Forio Port.

Get off here and walk straight ahead toward the italian flag.

When you see the Cathedral of the church, you are going in the right direction.

Continue along the sidewalk

Cross the main street at the zebra crossing

And continue up the street (which is reserved for pedestrians)

Pass through the piazza with La Strambata on your left

Cross the fourway intersection and continue straight up past the shoe shop

You will see plenty of scooters parked on your right

Continue until you pass a balloon shop on your left

Straight ahead, at the T-junction, take a left (you will see the Ring Hostel sign on the wall)

This is Via Gaetano are on the right road, now just follow it until you see:


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