Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ever wondered why Italy produces some of the world's best formula1/motoGP drivers....

It's an experience in itself - picture this:

Tiny cobble stone streets wide enough to fit scooters and only the smallest of cars, framed by tall 18th century building-walls , so narrow in fact that any pedestrian getting caught around the corner almost "spider's" themself against the curb or dashes for the nearest frontdoor archway.

Now imagine a Piaggio Porter MPV minivan "artistically" maneouvring its way through the streets navigated by a young italian guy (Lorenzo ofcourse), whose skills for driving these streets started from the age of 14.....

These tight corners are no match for this van when it's packed with guests all wanting in on a piece of the action.

If you haven't yet had your chance in Lorenzo's taxi, you don't know what you're missing - it's a tourist attraction exclusive to Ischia!

(For those of you fortunate enough to have had your place in the Ring Hostel green mamba, please feel free to leave your comments, post your photos and videos, and do come back for more of the action)

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